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Rallyx #4 postponed due to flooding

Rallyx #4 has been postponed due to flooding at Midway. We will announce a new date once we have one.

Women at the Wheel event

Join us for our first annual Women at the Wheel event hosted by the South Carolina Region. This is a precision driving school for the novice ladies out there looking to get into autocross. This course will be taught by … Continue reading

Rallyx #3 postponed

Rallyx #3 will be postponed due to flooding. We will announce a new date once we have one. Sorry!

Canceled – Registration is now open for RallyX StartingLine School

We will be hosting SCCA’s first ever StartingLine for RallyX at Midway Motorsports Park. If you’re at all familiar with the StartingLine schools that we have held for SOLO you know just how tremendous a value this is, and how … Continue reading

Buck Muse 2017 results are posted.

The results are up. Thanks Rich Mesick for compiling them. To view them click “Files” on the menu bar, and then click Buck Muse Results. They are broken down by Saturday and Sunday.

Registration for Tire Rack Street Survival is open

The primary emphasis of the Tire Rack Street Survival® is a “hands-on” driving experience in real-world situations! We use your own car to teach you about its handling limits and how you can control them. The students will become more … Continue reading

StartingLine school scheduled for Rallycross.

Heads up Rallycrossers, we have a StartingLine school coming for you! Based on the success of the Autocross schools Tire Rack has decided to expand their support to Rallycross too. SCR has been chosen to be the first region in … Continue reading

11 days left to take Advantage of Starting Line school

Have you always enjoyed having fun with your car? Want to get started with Autocross but not sure how?  Jump on over to the SCCA site and sign up for Starting Line school. It’s an incredible value and a great … Continue reading

2017 SCR Autocross Championship #1 is open

2017 SCR Autocross Championship #1 is open. Get on over to MotorsportReg and sign up to get your season started.

2017 SCR Autocross Championship Season Pass is open!

You’ve heard of buy one get one free? Well, this is kinda like that, but different. See we’re way cooler than that. We’re going to have you buy 8, and then maybe you will get the 9th one free. You’re … Continue reading

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