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New Server

David Dreezer and myself (Matt Carroll) have moved our web hosting to a new server (which should prove to be much quicker and more stable) and will be shortly migrating our email as well. We’ve also added some new functionality … Continue reading

Newsletter Features Rolling Out

Brian Nixon and myself (Matt Carroll) have been working on implementing a newsletter to help save the sanity of someone (Martin). With this we will only send emails regarding events and general updates. We are slowly testing how many emails … Continue reading

New Event Image Rotator!

I’m proud to announce that, after a bit of work, we have a new image rotator on the main page. I have coded it to always show the latest upcoming events. You will see random images for each similar category … Continue reading

General Website Updates

Due to recent hacking attempts, all non-North American IPs are blocked and, until further notice, the forums have been closed. For additional information, please contact Matt Carroll at Other news: Events that do not have registration or registrants URLs … Continue reading

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