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What is a Club Trial?

What do I need to get started for Club Trial Events?

How do I get a Participation Logbook?

What is a Club Trial?

SCCA Club Trials, level 2 of the Time Trials Program, build on the instruction you received in a Level 1 PDX while allowing drivers their first chance at competing against the clock in a controlled format. Competition classes are formed (with both street and fully-prepared race cars), and winners are decided by fastest time around the course. Club Trials is your first real taste of motorsports competition and is the perfect appetizer before you move to Track Trials, Hill Climbs or Club Racing.

What do I need to get started for Club Trial Events?

Club Trials have a few more safety and driver requirements that must be met in comparison to what is required to participate in a PDX.  The following are required:

–    A current SCCA Membership (Weekend memberships can also be purchased on site at the event)
–    A Time Trial License or equivalent track experience (to be reviewed by the event Chief Steward and Chief Instructor). 
–    An SCCA Time Trials Participation Logbook (Can be obtained on site at the event)
–    A vehicle that has passed an SCCA Time Trials inspection.
–    An open or full faced SA-2000 or later helmet.  M helmets are not allowed.
–    Acceptable shoes, long sleeves, and long pants

I already have a wheel to wheel racing license.  Can I compete in Track Trials?

SCCA Professional, National, Regional, Vintage and Novice licenses are accepted. Also accepted are Canadian ASN and Canada FIA licenses. Other types of competition licenses may be accepted per Supplemental Regulations.

When does my vehicle have to be inspected?

A full and complete Technical and Safety Inspection shall be performed by a Licensed Scrutineer (Official/Specialist) on each car at each event. Cars prepared to Track Trials or Hill Climb rules may also obtain a Time Trials logbook and undergo an annual inspection. If the car passes Tech, the logbook shall be stamped with the “official” inspection stamp (if used), dated, and signed. Annual Tech may be performed in December of the preceding year.

How do I get my logbook for a Track Trials/Hill Climb prepared car?

The Vehicle Logbook may be issued by a licensed TT Technical Inspector or Club Racing Scrutineer, who shall also complete the required vehicle information in the front and back of the Logbook. He or she shall conduct a thorough inspection of the vehicle, as provided in Section 9 of the SCCA Time Trials Rules, Technical and Safety Inspection. The logbook issue date is the date of registration.

Is passing allowed?

Time Trial events allow passing in predesignated sections of the track with a point by from the driver who is being overtaken.  Time Trials are not wheel to wheel races.  Only your fastest lap counts.  Therefore, Time Trial participants must work together through on track cooperation in order to assure that everyone can achieve safe and competitive laps.  Allowing a person to pass you does not have the consequences of “losing the race” that are found in club racing. 

How are events timed?

Events will be timed utilizing the AMB timing loops located at just about every roadrace facility in the nation.  AMB transponders will be available for rent at events for a fee or you can purchase your own.


I want to read the complete Time Trials rules myself.  Where are they located?

2015 SCCA Time Trials Rules (PDF)

I’ve attended Time Trial events and had a great time!  I want more!  What’s next?

SCCA Track Trials – some additional safety equipment must be added to your car at this point. Track Trials enable you to run Time Trial events at faster tracks where higher speeds are possible.

SCCA Hill Climbs – take your vehicle to a closed section of road where you race against the clock to see who can set the fastest lap up the hill.

SCCA Club Racing provides a wheel to wheel racing experience where you are able to compete with similar vehicles on a closed racing circuit, with no limitation to where you can pass.  Club Racing offers both sprint races, and Enduros, which push your vehicle and drivers to the limit over hour after hour of competition.

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