2017 SCR-SCCA Board of Director Nominees

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Regional Executive

My name is Melanie Murray and I am running to be re-elected as Regional Executive of SCR-SCCA. The last four years as your RE and six years on the board have been an exciting experience. We have had some growing pains in the past but we’re moving in a positive direction with our membership. Our solo program is strengthening. We have started a rallycross program and for 2017 will have a six event season and Buck Muse is one of the most enjoyable events of the Southeast Division. I look forward to supporting our new 2017 BOD.

Assistant Regional Executive

Brian Nixon: I’m running for Assistant Regional Executive this year. I’d like to continue to grow the club and build on the improvements we’ve been implementing over the last two years since I have been on the board. As ARE I can better focus on building the club as a whole by maintaining the excellent solo program, building our new rallycross program and sustaining Buck Muse as the best road race weekend in South Carolina.

Alex Daley

My name is Alex Daley, and I am running for Treasurer. I have been on the board for SCR for the past year and actively involved with the club over the past two years. If elected as Treasurer, I will:
     ·  Accurately track the our finances
     ·  Communicate our current and projected revenue and expenses
     ·  Answer financial questions from other members
I look forward to continuing to work with this amazing club!

20161116_094051 Hello South Carolina Region!

Most of you may know me from registration, but you may not know that I am also the current Secretary with the SCR board of directors. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last year being involved with this region and look forward to the opportunity to be your secretary for another year. If re-elected, am excited to be a part of the team, and to see what another year may bring!

Thank you,

Shellie McKee


“SwampFox” Charleston Chapter Director

I’m David Dreezer and I am running for the Swampfox Chapter Coordinator position. I’d like to continue to help keep the tradition of excellence in SCR alive, and this is the best place for my efforts during the 2017 season.

At-Large Director

Hi I’m David Fickel and im running for the director at large position.  I have been active with the club for the last 2 years.  I believe i can be helpful to the club because of the experience I have with organization and management as well as my love for racing.  I just want to help the club anyway that I can so we can keep racing in new and exciting places.

Matt Sheets

My name is Matt Sheets, and I am interested in returning as a Director At Large position for 2017 because I enjoy the opportunities to volunteer and bring more people into the sport.  In 2016, I had a great time helping out in the tech shed at the Buck Muse Memorial race and attending every Solo event hosted by SCR. I took an active role in helping the setup and teardown of the equipment and have volunteered to update the timing software on our laptops over the winter break to make sure they are ready for the new season in 2017.  I’ve been autocrossing since 2002 and will use that experience to help strengthen and assist the core workers to help ensure events run smoothly. I look forward to sharing my technical knowledge to further improve the experience of all participants in the SCR region.


Martin Sanchez: I firmly believe the best leaders are servants first. I try my best to humbly serve all who try to make auto sports a hobby and past time. The past four years have been a great experience with SCR. I hope to continue on the board for 2017 where I have been serving on the for the past two years.


Hello, everyone. My name is Brad Baughman. I was nominated for the position of Director-At-Large. As a photographer and member of SCR-SCCA, I am looking forward to learning more of the in-depth procedures and aspects of racing within SCCA. I have been a part of the organization for 3 years and believe I am now ready to take on a leadership roll in the organization.  My goal as a Director-At-Large, if elected, is to do my best to assist the SCR-SCCA Directors in every aspect possible. This includes assisting with promotion of SCR-SCCA, voting on key issues, helping to review new ideas, and to further educate our community about the organization and to encourage them to come out and join the fun. 


Zach Stroman: Hello I have been nominated for the director at large position in SCR. I am very flattered to be nominated for this position. Though, I have only been with this club for a little over a year I feel like I am part of the group and very glad to have met so many great friends. This is the first type of motor sport that I have been involved in. After the experiences this past year I am now interested in becoming more involved in this club besides just being a member. There is so much going on and I would like to help make all of these events a great success.