2016 SCR-SCCA Board of Director Nominees

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Regional Executive
Melanie Murray Regional Executive My name is Melanie Murray and I am running to be re-elected as Regional Executive of SCR-SCCA. After three years as your RE and five years on the board, I look forward to supporting our new 2016 BOD and continuing to help our region grow. We have some new and exciting ideas for 2016 in all areas of racing and are looking forward to this next year. We shall continue to help this region be successful and put on fun and enjoyable events!
Assistant Regional Executive
David Dreezer Hi! My name is David Dreezer. I’m running for Assistant Regional Director of the S.C.C.A. South Carolina Region. Though with only three years active I am fairly new to S.C.C.A and to this region I’ve been truly enjoyed my activities with the club and would like to contribute as much as possible in return. I’m fortunate to have a job that allows me the flexibility to participate in as many events as possible and to attend or schedule meetings as necessary. The people in this region have really been good to me over the last three seasons. I’d like to be able to give that back in kind.
Martin Sanchez Hi all… My name is Martin… On Facebook I’m Kaneda… I am running this year for treasurer… I have been a active member with SCR for some years now and have served on the board as secretary in 2015… I’m just a servant looking to be of service…
Shellie McKee Hello fellow Autocrossers.

My name is Shellie McKee and I am running for the position of Secretary with the South Carolina Region.

I was brought into autocross by my husband and just began driving this past season. Although I am not very good, it is now something that I love to do and the people that I have met along the way only make it more enjoyable.

If selected for Secretary, I look forward to supporting the board members in their efforts to improve our region and continue to provide you with fun and exciting events each month.

“SwampFox” Charleston Chapter Director
Megan Gerdom I’m running for the Swampfox Chapter Director because I love being so involved with this club. I’ve held this position for the past year and it’s definitely a perfect fit! You guys welcomed Joe and me with open arms a couple years ago, and have really become a second family. I’m definitely looking forward to working with and racing with all of you again!
At-Large Director
Brian Nixon Brian Nixon: I am running to continue my position as a director at large for the SCR board and represent the interests of the autocross program. As Solo Director for 2016, I would like to continue to be able to vote on key improvements for the club as we continue to grow and build the program. We were able to implement a lot of great ideas the team has come up with in 2015 and I’m looking forward to building momentum.
Alex Daley My name is Alex Daley, and I am running for the Member-at-Large position for SCR-SCCA. I joined the SCCA this past season and have loved every minute of racing and hanging out with fellow members. Since the first day, members have provided feedback about my driving, suggested modifications for my car, and helped me become more involved in this amazing club. Additionally, I have become great friends with many members (especially the Charleston crew).

It’s my desire to become more involved with the SCCA, hence why I’m running for the board. My goals are to:

  • Recruit new drivers and support them through their initial events and SCCA involvement
  • Research and market ways for drivers to improve their racing skills and become more involved in the club (e.g., suggest local driving schools they can attend or prepare them to instruct at the Street Survival school)
  • Develop and training materials for completing event tasks or working certain positions as needed

We can accomplish so much together, and I look forward to leading this effort. Thanks!

Matt Carroll Hello everyone! My name is Matt Carroll and I am running to be re-elected as a Member-at-Large position for the 2016 BOD. I have always been a fan of sports car racing but was brought into autocross by Daniel Blakeney. I started autocrossing in the SCR region in 2013 and have attended most of the events that SCR has put on since then. I have been an active participant in our regions track events working corner stations and helping out teams as much as I can. I also frequently travel to CCR and Buccaneer region events and try to do as much at those events as possible. Through the last year, I’ve handled our timing, scoring and website issues. I try to contribute to our region and SCCA as much as I possibly can. The people in the SCR region are the friendliest and most family like people that I have ever been around. As a voting member of the board, I would like to help address issues that are commonplace in our community. There are plenty of things that we as a group can accomplish and I would like to help continue the work that I’ve been a part of in the last year.
Garick Black My name is Garick Black. You may know me as the large man who drives the orange FRS. I am running for the position of Member-At-Large. I started my first autocross all the way back in 2005 and have been an SCCA member since 2013. The sport of autocross has been a joy for me and the SCR has many members that I am happy to call my friend. I want to help the region as a thank you, and do my best to make sure everyone has the same experiences that I have had. I have travelled to a few other regions, and I feel the SCR is the best and I am proud to be a member here.

Thank you.

Matt Sheets Matt Sheets: I am interested in the Member At Large postition because I enjoy working with the people in this region. I have been involved in Solo racing as a participant since 2002 and will use that experience to help strengthen and assist the core workers to help ensure events run smoothly. I look forward to becoming even more involved in the SCR region.
Jonathan Burrows My name is Jonathan Burrows and I have been nominated to run for a position as Member-At-Large of the South Carolina Board of Directors. 2015 was my first year as a member of the SCCA and I am anxious to contribute my time, talent, and enthusiasm in any way I can. I have learned much in the last year and have been very impressed with the hard work, dedication, and friendliness of the other members. I am ready and willing to do my part to pay it forward and work to keep our events fun, challenging, convenient, and welcoming to all. I am looking forward to a great 2016 racing season!
Brian Blake Brian Blake: I’m interested in a Member At Large position with SCR so I can start getting more involved. 2016 will be my third season autocrossing with SCR and I’ve been to as many events as possible so far. I’ve found that it’s the people in SCR that make all our events so successful and fun. Next year I’d like to give back.