2013 Board Nominees

C.d. Rozsa – Regional Executive

C.d. Rozsa

My name is C.D. Rozsa and I am running for Regional Executive of South Carolina Region.
The people who autocross may know me as the guy who is always busy during the events doing whatever needs to be done to make the events run smoother. Safety Steward, Timing and Scoring, set up and tear down, relieving workers at tech, waivers, etc. so they can walk the course. I was the worker chief and op steward for a few years also. The club racers may know me from all the events that I work in our region and many other regions. F&C, set up and tear down, taking care of the pace car.
I have been an SCCA SC Region member for 7 years and I have served on our Board of Directors for 5 years. This experience has given me the opportunity to learn how SCCA works, how to get things done and has allowed me to build relationships in and out of our region. I am dedicated to improving our region by : growing our solo program through sponsorships and new sites, up-ing the quality of our Buck Muse road race through better structure, support and sponsorship, working with officers and members to improve our By Laws, become more involved in Street Survival program in our region and put more fun into our events and club activities. I am willing to commit the time and energy and use what I’ve learned over the last 7 years in SCR to make this happen, if you are willing to work with me and our Board and vote for me as Regional Executive of South Carolina Region. My years of experience on the Board of Directors has allowed me to see what works and what does not work for our region. And, seeing what other regions do that can be put towards what our region does to make our events better. Thanks!
For more detailed information about my intentions, please see here.

Melanie Murray – Regional Executive

Melanie Murray

My name is Melanie Murray and I am running for Regional Executive of SCR-SCCA. My experience as a member at large, Charleston Chapter Director and Assistant Regional Executive have placed me in a unique position to learn all that’s needed to make our region continue to grow in a positive direction. I’ve worked at autocrosses, Buck Muse and PDX/TT events in front and behind the scenes for the last several years. While we have gone through many changes in the last year that were a bit of an upheaval, we’ve pulled together and created a stronger and better group in spite of the some of those experiences. Our solo team has been reorganized and the work has been spread out so we work together as a TEAM. I will continue to help us find new solo sites, finish our bylaws by the first board meeting of 2013, acquire new sponsorship for our region, help Buck Muse to become even more profitable and a larger event, ensure solid financial responsibility for our budget and strive to improve our inter-region relationships. After spending a year as your Assistant RE, I care deeply about how our region runs and operates and want our activities to be FUN and well attended! I know I am ready, very willing and able to take on the responsibility of managing our region with care, confidence and fairness for all our members so I’m asking for your VOTE. If I am elected as your RE, I will work hard to bring about the change we need and meet/exceed these goals and many others.

For more detailed information about my intentions, please see here.

Jocelyn Locascio – Assistant RE

Jocelyn Locascio

I have been an active member in the SCCA Solo community for nearly five years.

As Assistant RE, I plan to promote SCR and create membership increases, local volunteer participation in the club, and participation of all SCR members in more regional and nationally competitive events. I will strive to create a cohesive environment for all SCR members to have open communication and valuable input to SCR.

I would also like to promote SCR with local businesses in hopes of gaining more internal corporate contacts that could provide sponsorship to the club and bring enthusiastic new member support. I plan to assist the elected RE with any event planning, member communication, and policy changes. I will help with planning regional meetings and local meets for SCR members in Columbia.

I look forward to serving SCR as Assistant RE because our club deserves to enjoy our hobby of ‘fun with cars’ with a cohesive board managing events that become what we all look forward to doing every weekend!



Robyn E Barker – Secretary

Robyn E Barker

My name is Robyn Barker and I am running for Secretary of SCR-SCCA. I’ve been a member of SCR-SCCA since 2006 and have been Chief of Waivers since 2010. I’m married to Chris Barker (member of SCCA since 2006 as well) and have three kids. I have also owned my own business for the past two years. If elected as your Secretary I will do what it takes to work with the SCR-SCCA team and members to help in anyway needed.

Scott Hurley – Treasurer

Scott Hurley

I’m running for the position of Treasure of the SCR of the SCCA because I believe in giving back to this sport through volunteering. I’ve been a member of the SCCA for 9 years, competed nationally for 8 years, and have been an autocross instructor for both the SCCA and PCA for the last 5 years as well as a Solo Safety Steward for 4 years (although not currently one). I’ve competed with over 20 different SCCA regions and a half dozen or so organizations over the years and have seen many different ways regions run their events and organizations, learning along the way things that work well and things that don’t. What I’ve taken away is that while there are many ways of running events, no one way is “the right way”, by listening to your own members you can improve the participation at the local level so don’t become locked into your own vision of how it should be but rather be willing to explore and encourage suggestions and new things with the understanding that if it doesn’t work out it’s OK to change back to what worked in the past but at least you were willing to try. The most successful regions always have a core group of volunteers who exude dedication, fun and encouragement and those qualities are what I hope to bring to the SCR by joining the team as your treasure.

Daniel Blakeney – Member at Large

Roy Blakeney

Hello everyone! My name is Daniel Blakeney and I am running for a member at large position on this year’s board of directors. I started auto crossing with SCR in 2008 and have been to almost every event since. I am currently on the board of directors in a member at large position and have done my best to help our region succeed. I have been the novice chief of our solo program for the last year and some change. I have been an active participant in all of our track events including working corners, getting my tech license and working tech, and helping out with whatever else I can. I have also traveled to other regions to work their track events such as the 13hour at VIR last year (where we took third in the cooking contest ^_^). Through Donna Markley Littlejohn’s efforts this year we have built a strong core team for our solo program and I would like to see this continue. My father Roy Blakeney and I will be co chairing the Solo program in 2013. I feel that there is a lot we can still do to make our solo and track events run more smoothly by continuing with Donna’s program of building a team dedicated to each task. We have had some good ideas in the past about member retention and getting new members but we have not had (until this year) the manpower to put some of them in action. One of my goals for this year is going to be to try to increase member involvement in the background of making each of our events run. We can only grow stronger as we have more hands to handle needed tasks, and we cut down the risk of burning out our core members/board of directors. In closing, I already do everything that I am currently able to do for the region, and would like to continue doing so. My thanks to everyone who contributes to the fun and success of our region!

Grey Minshew – Member at Large

Grey Minshew

Hello everyone, my name is Grey Minshew and I am running for Board Member at Large for SCR. I have been a part of SCR since 2009 and have participated in numerous events throughout the region. As a board member I would help move the region in a direction that I feel best reflects the desires of the varied peoples who attend SCCA SCR events. Those of you who know me know that I am no nonsense and have no ongoing personal drama. I have no personal ambition by running for the formerly stated position; but only an obligation to help make this region the best it can possibly be during my proposed tenure. Thanks for your time and I’ll see you out there regardless!!

Mike Hoatson – Member at Large

Mike Hoatson

My name is Michael Hoatson and I am running for the Member at Large position for the 2013 Board of Directors for SCR. I have been a member of SCR since 2009 and with each year, become more active in my participation. At the beginning of this year I volunteered to put our website back in working order. With the assistance of another member, I was able to get the website back up and functioning 100%. I then started running our old timing equipment at Solo events and was pivotal in helping us to acquire our new system. I have worked throughout the year replacing and repairing everything about our system and gotten it to a point we have nearly 100% reliability with the new system, a working display-board, working barcodes and live-timing. I would greatly appreciate your vote for Member at Large of the 2013 SCR Board of Directors.

Roy Blakeney – Member at Large

Roy Blakeney

Hello fellow members of the SCR,
I am Roy Blakeney and I am running for a Member at Large position on our board of directors. My son Daniel and I will be co-chairing the solo committee for this same time period and I would like to have a voting position on the board to provide continued support of the solo program, and to bring the same enthusiasm and support for our other programs. I am currently serving as Tech Chief and am a licensed Flag and Comm worker and Safety Steward. I was also President of the Clemson Sports Car Club while working on my undergrad degree there and have a few years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of issues as a teacher and high school administrator.

We have a good program that has strong support from those who participate. Danial and I intend to build on what Donna Littlejohn and her team started, and with your support, finish her vision for the program. We intend to do this by listening to the needs of the group to provide the best solo experience possible with our associations and resources.

Thank you for your consideration.