Update on AutoX #2 (March 28) at Georgetown

The South Carolina Region and Solo Team have been carefully monitoring the current information of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Currently the March 28 event at Georgetown Airport has not been canceled but COVID-19 precautionary measures will be in affect.

At any event there are several places where we are in close contact, but one of the most “in your face” examples is wearing one of our loaner helmets. At this time, we have decided to suspend the loaner helmet program. LOANER HELMETS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE. We encourage everyone to buy and wear their own helmet. There are many companies that sell helmets: Apex Performance (Myrtle Beach), Discovery Parts (Atlanta), Solo Performance Specialties, Winding Road Racing (Road Atlanta),and SafeRacer to name a few. Drivers should look for helmets that are SNELL approved (DOT helmets are not accepted) that are manufactured 2010 or newer (i.e. SA2015). Open face helmets are allowed and typically the cheapest option with a typical price of $150.

Other precautionary measures that will be in affect at this time are sanitizing community used equipment (example: radios) and minimizing large gatherings of people (example: drivers meeting conducted through announcing circuit).

We understand that you still want to have #funwithcars and we will be posting updates as more information is known. We encourage everyone to stay informed by visiting the CDC webpage here.

We thank you for your understanding and wish everyone to be safe and healthy.
– Your Solo Team

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