2017 SCR Autocross Championship Season Pass is open!

You’ve heard of buy one get one free? Well, this is kinda like that, but different. See we’re way cooler than that. We’re going to have you buy 8, and then maybe you will get the 9th one free. You’re welcome!

Here’s the real deal: The Season Pass gets you automatically registered for all 9 Championship events. We charge the price of 8, but you get all 9, so if you buy yours before the first event you saved money. If you wait until after the first event to buy a Season Pass then it will work out that there is discount for you, you get the next 8 events for the price of 8. But hey, at least you don’t need to register for them one at a time.

Please note that if you buy a Season Pass and you miss an event (or more) you will not be refunded or credited for the missed event(s).

A Season Pass is a terrific way to save some money and not have to remember to register for each event, but you have to get in on it sooner rather than later, and you have to be sure you’ll make at least 8 events this year.

Get it now!

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